Wednesday 30 september 2015

Hello all,

Since this week we’ve signed a contract with Wonna Booking Agency. We are looking forward to perform in the rest of Holland, Germany, Belgium and the rest of Europe.

We are looking forward to this cooperation and hope to see you around!

Kind regards,

Morris, JP, Juul en Jordy



ZEF Magazine

By Tom van Hemert


Throat of Autumn: once they were called Algorythm. Jordy Jennen and crew now name themselfs Throat of Autumn. Alternative metal, that overwhelms us with an experience of rain, with a warm craze of the Sun.


Opener ‘Autumn’ predicts the entire record; a spherical, dramatic, melodic opener that makes you take a guess what fireworks they have in store for you on the horizon. ‘Whisper’ is an eight and a half minute brutal flare that fascinates.
‘I Surrender’ is a title that contains a lot of drama and this is recognized in this track that turns into firm metal when we’re halfway through. I’m introduced to ‘beautifull screaming’, that leadsinger Jordy Jennen controls. He drags me into this song with his screams.
And how different is that in the track ‘Space’. In this song the band demonstrates how beautifull the band can write music. The whimper of this song continues in ‘Where We Belong’ that musically is the most interesting track on this album. It shows how the layers in their music and the bandmembers respond to each other. Fascinating and exciting are the keywords.


The same applies for the track ‘Hot Air’, that may have been shorter in my opinion. ‘Never Meant To Be’ consists out of two parts. Part one contains a lot of singing and drama. This is where I hear the warm radiation of the Sun, that the band promises me in their description. In part two it turns around to the heavy duty work. This song takes a bit too long, where as the guitar riff on the end comes smashing back maliciously.
‘The Heart and Souls That Are Lost Forever’: building up and building up before the massive load of rumpus is set loose. And then in the most positive sense that you can imagine. This song deserves the full 8 minute length. Prog, metal, punk; everything is in this track.
‘5-4-‘94’ is an ode to Kurt Cobain. The voice of Jordy Jennen caries this song, although there could have been less screaming. The multitude of sound is responsible for the fact the singing is not always comprehensible.


This is not the only ode on this album. The last track ‘Sungrazer’ is an homage to the stonerband of Limburg (province in The Netherlands), that quit several years ago. Throat of Autumn puts everything they have in themselfs in this 11 minute lasting epos. Sometimes they remind me of the band they honour.


The songs are long, track by track. The one track can take this better than the other, but all tracks grab me by the throat. The guitars should be cut here and there, so the singing voice of Jennen can be exposed even more. And then I prefer the beautifull, clear sound, with that marvellous whimper.


Capable, fascinating, dramatic, much, hard, brutal, dynamic. A lot of words, a lot of minutes. It rains and there is lightning and thunder: but behind the dark clouds there is room for the Sun.